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MDS (Medical Device Supplies) Healthcare Ltd. is a global healthcare supplier, offering ODM service by adopting Universal Design to produce rehabilitation and homecare medical devices. In addition, we offer Sourcing Services to find out new medical devices. MDS Healthcare understands that today most of countries suffer from servere healthcare challenges: inefficient healthcare systems, increasing patient loading, lower healthcare budgets, and insufficient healthcare professionals. To solve those problems, MDS healthcare devotes to supply sustainable and affordable healthcare products. As an important member in healthcare sector, MDS Healthcare cooperates with a variety of partners and customers to fulfill healthcare demands all over the world. Also, MDS Healthcare’s aims are to overcome global healthcare obstacles by focusing on delivering better quality healthcare at affordable costs, especially in some emerging markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

MDS Healthcare views Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as our important attitude and goal. We diminish environmental impact on the carbon footprints in all perspectives of our business. With the sustainability strategy, MDS Healthcare approaches the sustainability in the all the supply chain. MDS Healthcare’s logo has a growing up plant, which stands for the sustainability goal.


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